Main Features

Staking V-Box

The service ensure a complete staking experience without any needs of technical skills and without a physical devices running 24/7. You can benefit of a solution powered by enhanced levels of security and innovative features such as personal passphrase encryption, private key dump and wallet backup option protected with 2FA.

Easy Masternode Deployment Service

Currently, for common users, it’s extremely complicated to set up a masternode. We provide a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface that make the masternode deployment process easy and accessible for everyone, without any tech skill and in total security. Trough our web application that communicate directly with your desktop wallets, the collateral needed and the rewards generated will be ever in your hand.

COMA Nodes

COMA Node (Clientless Onsite Masternodes) is a cloud full node hosting system, hybrid with Staking V-Box, that allow to users to go through the process of masternode deployment in a clientless way, directly from inside The Hub. Thanks to this innovative feature, users can fully manage their rented servers, experiencing the full power of masternodes and staking at same time, maximizing all benefits of passive income.