Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you for support?

For technical and commercial issue contact us at hub@kalkul.us or join us on Discord and we'll try to answer you immediately.

If you prefer, use the form at this page: https://hub.kalkul.us/en/support

Which skills i need to deploy a Masternode or a Staking V-Box on TheHub?

No technical skills are required, only basic operations needed.

What happens if my account balance cannot cover daily costs of maintenance fee?

If the balance of your TheHub wallet can’t cover the daily fee the VPS related to your Masternode or Staking V-Box will turned off. In order to re-active the vps you have to top up the TheHub wallet sending funds on your deposit address and pay the bills by clicking the green button under column “Action” of Masternodes or Staking V-Boxes Section. You could pay that fee also on the section called “Billing” (left menu).

If after 5 days your credit with TheHub result still unpaid, your instance will be deleted with whole content, included your staking VBox wallet. This could result in a loss of fund. As our system warn users about low credit and unpaid bills, and we are not responsible for any fund loss due vps deletions for insolvent positions.

What happens if i stop the creation process of a masternode/Staking V-Box,or this don’t successfully start, or i need to delete it?

If you recognize that something goes wrong during the deployment process, or if you accidentally break the process, or for any other reason something don’t correctly work, you will get a refund of the total one-time fee if the instance is destroyed not later than 24 hours from instance deployment. The one-time fee will be automatically credited to your TheHub wallet balance.

Note that in order to prevent a loss of your coins, in case of “destroy” of a Staking V-Box with funds inside, you need to withdraw all the amount before to proceed with the “destroy” operation. To increase the safety You should activate also the wallet.dat backup or dump the private key of your addresses.

I send funds to my Staking V-Box but Staking Status is not active, why?

In order to stake correctly, your coins needs to be “mintable”, that means they need time to get a certain number of confirmations. This parameter is know as “minimum stake age” and depends from the blockchain source code. On KLKS is set to 1 hour.

You can find a detailed view of the “Staking Status” in the “Manage” Section of your Staking V-Box. If all the factors that determine the staking have status “YES” in Staking Status Tab, but the Staking Status is “NO”, the system will ask you to restart the V-Box. You can easily perform this action from the Manage/Settings section.

How works Staking V-Box wallet.dat Backup?

The wallet.dat backup works in combination with your Dropbox account (required). You can choose between manual or automatic backup. You can activate and set the backup option on the Manage/Settings section of your Staking V-Box. If you select the automatic backup mode, the wallet.dat file will be available in your dropbox folder automatically once a day. If you prefer to go for a manual backup, your wallet.dat file will be available in your Dropbox folder only upon your request.

Note that for security reason this operation need the encryption of your staking box

After downloading and saving (in safe place like as a thumb drive), is strongly recommended to remove your wallet.dat file outside from the Dropbox folder. This prevent to someone to access to your wallet file in case you leave your Dropbox linked to other computers.

I have completed a deposit but funds still no show on my balance. Why?

As with every currency, time is needed to process online transactions. Funds should appear in your balance as soon as they receive the number of confirmations required by the network, and could differ between cryptocurrencies.

How many nodes I can run on TheHub with a single account?

On TheHub you can run how many Masternodes or Staking V-Boxes you want and there’s no limit on number of instances you can run. THe only suggestion is to deploy one instance a time.