What is TheHUB?

Last updated 8 days ago

The Hub is a proprietary set of web-tools dedicated to favour and increase the adoption of Kalkulus and other digital assets that will get listed in future.

1.0.27 - 08/10/2018

New coin listing

  • Bitcoingreen

1.0.26 - 18/09/2018


  • New process for Masternode creation

  • New "PROMO CODE" area to get discounts

1.0.25 - 17/09/2018


  • New process for Staking V-Box creation

  • Debug window for both masternodes and staking boxes

1.0.24 - 08/09/2018


  • Added current change price in the internal buy feature.

  • Minor fixes on texts.

  • New Staking V-Box deployment procedure for private beta users

  • New PromoCode section for private beta users

1.0.23 - 04/09/2018


  • Now you can reboot your masternode to fix something wrong.

  • Added new button "BUY MAX" for KLKS internal buy

1.0.22 - 01/09/2018

New coin listing

  • Added MNPCoin for all users


  • Improved process for KLKS buying, now you don't need to wait for transaction. All transactions are processed in background.

1.0.21 - 31/08/2018

New coin listing

  • Added Phore for all users

  • Added Solaris for all users

  • Added Deviant for all user

  • Added Rupaya for all users

New beta feature

  • You can now buy KLKS with BTC directly from TheHUB

1.0.20 - 27/08/2018

New coin listing

  • Added Deviant for beta users

  • Added Rupaya for beta users

  • Added Solaris for beta users

  • Added Shekel for beta users

1.0.19 - 25/08/2018

New features

  • Beta program is now a choise for all users

1.0.18 - 22/08/2018


  • Improved restore password process

  • New e-mail templates for communications

  • New datas for masternodes and coins

1.0.17 - 20/08/2018


  • New "MAX" function in withdraw section of Staking V-Box

  • Network fees are now displayed in withdraw section of Staking V-Box

  • Inserted loader in Staking V-Box delayed functions

1.0.16 - 16/08/2018


  • Added an extra security layer with invisible recaptcha, prevent bots or other automated scripts make requests.

  • Improved mobile ux for Staking V-Box

  • Augmented transaction list in Staking V-Box details

New coin listing

  • MonetaryUnit officially listed.

1.0.15 - 09/08/2018


  • Included more transactions in web wallet

1.0.14 - 08/08/2018

New coin listing

  • Bulwark officially listed.

1.0.13 - 06/08/2018


  • Added Bulwark for beta testers.

1.0.12 - 01/08/2018


  • Resloved small bug on deleting account function.


  • Now you can toggle empty addresses from the staking v-box

1.0.11 - 31/07/2018

New features

  • Now you can delete securely your account, just when you haven't active services.


  • Better coin price system

1.0.10 - 29/07/2018

New features

  • Now you can import your private key inside a Staking V-Box


  • Now your Kalkulus balance is updated without refresh the page

  • Now you can clear all notifications with one click

1.0.9 - 27/07/2018

New features

  • Now you can dump your web wallet private key.

  • Blocknet official listing, you can create masternodes and staking v-boxes.

  • Now you have multiple dashboards, one for each coin, selector inserted at top right corner.

  • Added "HELP" button in the topbar.


  • Faster statistics and minor bug improvements.

  • Website average loading time reduced.

  • Improved UX when users doesn't have masternodes or staking v-boxes

1.0.8 - 25/07/2018

New feature

  • Now you can pay your bills directly from the "Billing" section.